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Quote #1

I would like to recapture that freshness of vision which is characteristic of extreme youth when all the world is new to it.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #2

Art is a line around your thoughts.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #3

Whoever wants to know something about me – as an artist which alone is significant – they should look attentively at my pictures and there seek to recognize what I am and what I want.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #4

There is nothing that special to see when looking at me.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #5

All art is erotic.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #6

To every age its art. To art its freedom.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #7

If you can’t please everyone with your deeds and your art, please a few. To please many is bad.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #8

I am a painter who paints day in day out, from morning till evening – figure pictures and landscapes, more rarely portraits.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #9

True relaxation, which would do me the world of good, does not exist for me.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #10

I am convinced that there are universal currents of Divine Thought vibrating the ether everywhere and that any who can feel these vibrations is inspired.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #11

Even when I am being idle, I have plenty of food for thought both early and late – thoughts both about and not about art.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #12

I can paint and draw. I believe this myself and a few other people say that they believe this too. But I’m not certain of whether it’s true.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #13

Sometimes I miss out the morning’s painting session and instead study my Japanese books in the open.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #14

After tea, it’s back to painting – a large poplar at dusk with a gathering storm. From time to time, I leave off and read a page or two.

Gustav Klimt

Quote #15

I have the gift of neither the spoken nor the written word, especially if I have to say it in a few lines.

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt’s story

Austrian symbolist painter, known for his murals, sketches, and unique style.
Gustav Klimt (1862–1918) was an Austrian symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement. Klimt is noted for his paintings, murals, sketches, and other objets d’art. Klimt’s primary subject was the female body, and his works are marked by a frank eroticism. Among his best-known works is the portrait The Kiss (1907–1908) and the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I. In addition to his figurative works, which include allegories and portraits, he painted landscapes. Among the artists of the Vienna Secession, Klimt was the most influenced by Japanese art and its methods. His work was characterized by a rejection of earlier naturalistic styles and often included complex symbolism and allegory.
More info see wikipedia bio.

Gustav Klimt portrait

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