Recommended Watercolor Art supplies

One of the beauties of watercolor is how portable and the few things you need to create really stunning paintings. At the same time, there is room to try new materials and techniques that stretches a lifetime.

watercolor art supplies

Watercolor Paints

Artist Quality Watercolor Paints
Student Grade Watercolor Paints

Watercolor Brushes

To start, get a good all-around kit with different shapes. Then the more you work you realize what brushes you use the most and can buy those separately and in greater quality for finer brushwork and longer lasting.

Round Brushes
Flat Brushes
Wash Brushes
Detail Brushes
Mop Brushes

Watercolor Paper

Paper is usually underlooked. When you’re just starting out you usually also need to practice brushwork techniques, perspective, anatomy, and more where the paper only helps so much. When you have that in place the paper is important and I usually buy 300g/m2 and try to have finer hot-pressed and cold-pressed/rough paper as they offer different painting techniques.

Cold Press Watercolor Paper
Hot Press Watercolor Paper
Rough Watercolor Paper

Watercolor Mediums

When you’re intermediate I think these additions can be useful to add to your watercolor toolkit.

Masking Fluid
Gum Arabic
Ox Gall
Fixative Spray

Watercolor Accessories

Masking Tape
Watercolor portfolio
Gifts to someone who loves watercolor painting (coming)